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Medical Graphics - Process


Animation must be proceeded by a storyboard.  The storyboard can also serve to define a series of high level rendered still images. Storyboarding is an expedient, simple method of refining your message prior to embarking on the modeling and animating process. Every point of detail can be pinpointed in a way that will bring to the forefront your device features.


Any relevant visual may be leveraged for the storyboard. This includes, photos, video frames, sketches, line drawings, and renderings of device models. The goal is expedience, get the ideas down, flexibly, so the order of events best serves the story.


We have enough experience with storyboarding, anatomy, and medical prodedures generally, so that the storyboard can be generated quickly, from very little source material.


Minimally, with bullet pointed steps and a good understanding of the device concept, we can generate a viable prototype, the appropriate anatomy, and storyboard out the steps needed to convey the invention.


Below, we have 3 examples of storyboards, all simple and highly functional, using assorted images. The last has a slot for Voice Over (script).

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