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Prototype Visualization


Full service medical graphics start here.

We take your elaborate, often futuristic concepts and turn them into imagery - moving or static - that compels potential investors to understand and embrace your ideas.


Your prototypes can be imported from SolidWorks, and brought to life, or interim prototypes can be quickly generated by us to quickly get your concept into the mind's eye of your audience.


An ex-situ device survey, followed by an in-situ MOA can save hours of explanation and potential misunderstanding. You will be able to convey clearly, in a few minutes or less, exactly what your device is about.


Visualizing the pathology


Depending on your audience, elaborate pathology animations may be needed.

Of course, the medical device is best understood in the context of the pathology it is addressing. In the case at left, the sequellae of pulmonary hypertension, right heart failure,  was animated stage by stage, in order to define the context for an ablation device which addressed the primary causality. The healthy heart on the left allowed for a quick understanding of the subtle anatomical changes which occur over time in RHF.


The animation pathology animation  can be viewed below. The device is under wraps.


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